Learn how computer graphics relates to your field, and how we can help you!

Computer Science

Stay updated on all the incredible research being done about the algorithms behind motion capture technology and computer graphics / modeling, and put it into practice. SIGGRAPH will allow you to meet with people who will bring you into their teams for their creative projects.


If you are interested in the field of 3D computer animation and hope to pursue a career at Pixar Animation Studios, Walt Disney Animation Studios, DreamWorks Animation Studios, Blue Sky, Industrial Light and Magic – the list goes on and on – SIGGRAPH is a nationally-recognized organization, and you will make countless connections in the animation community.

Film and Television Production

Gain a better understanding of the groundbreaking field of motion capture technology, learn more about the capabilities of special effects, stay updated on developments happening in post-production techniques, make connections with students at USC who are specializing in all of the above for future projects.

Interactive Media

Learn about the developments happening in the professional world of video games, understand the huge role that motion capture technology has been playing in the future of interactive media, and familiarize yourself with computer graphics and animation for games.

Media Arts + Practice

Understand the importance of motion capture technology and familiarize yourself with ACM SIGGRAPH’s Digital Arts community.

Fine Arts

Familiarize yourself with computer graphics and technology as it applies to art. No matter what your specialization may be, ACM SIGGRAPH will provide you with the tools to understand how technology can bring a different perspective to a piece of art.


Learn how computer-generated models can provide a new layer of understanding towards your study of architecture.

Biomedical Engineering

Familiarize yourself with the power of 3D medical animations and models, and how they have the potential to further your exploration of biomedical engineering.


USC ACM SIGGRAPH is a student organization all about computer graphics. Our chapter is focused on training students to be prepared to enter the professional world of computer graphics, both artistically and technically.

We are an officially recognized student chapter of ACM SIGGRAPH, the special interest group of ACM focused on computer graphics.


Co-Presidents - Teddy Park and Shannon Kraemer
Vice-President - Aditya Radhakrishna
Secretary - Ivy Lin
Treasurer - Adrienne Jackson
Publicity Chair - Vasudha Goel
Grad Student Chair - Vathsal V.S.
Industry Liaison - Jasmine Ying

We are the ACM SIGGRAPH Student Chapter of the University of Southern California

Our mission is to promote the application and knowledge of computer graphics / 3D animation / and interactive techniques.


We'd like to thank all our sponsors for supporting us throughout the years!

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